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Hi. I'm Aloke Majumder.

A An experienced technologist with entrepreneurial vision, technical proficiency, and strong leadership skills, specialising in Enterprise Technology Transformation. Also a Foodie & Geek. Founded Kolkata Foodies and InMobility. I love Android, Bitcoin & Linux too.

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I provide advice to enterprises on how to generate benefits from

Emerging New Technologies

Enterprise Technology

Benchmark with the best IT practices and identify the gaps to improve performance of the function. Plan, develop, implement, monitor and achieve performance targets of the function based on overall IT strategy of the company.

Cloud Transformation

Consulting enterprises on how to develop an IT strategy aligned to business objectives, leveraging integration of on-premise hosted and cloud based SaaS solutions including storage and virtualisation.

Open Source & Infrastructure

Working with businesses to enter into the Open Source world and use Linux and related technologies to get an optimized and better performing infrastructure.

Awesome work makes amazing experience.

aloke majumder

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